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Peach combines the genius of Morse with the clever humor of Frost

Murder at the Lodge

by J M Gregson

Endeavour Press

Mystery & Thrillers, General Fiction (Adult)

Pub Date 27 Jan 2017


Inspector “Percy” Peach combines the genius of Morse with the cleverness and humor of Inspector Frost. Reading Murder at the Lodge was an absolute pleasure. Readers get not only a well thought out murder mystery, but a lead who has a distinct talent for unnerving suspects (and “taking the piss” with (aka taunting) his less than competent superior, Superintendent Tucker) I had to smile every time Peach out thought and out spoke both those he questioned and his boss. The supporting characters were also well developed, even those with small roles such as Tucker’s Brunhillde of a wife. The murder itself was intriguing - lots of suspects, lots of different motives and little physical evidence. I was glued to the page as each layer upon layer was revealed.

Murder at the Lodge has everything a lover of British police procedurals could want: a clever inspector, well developed characters, a challenging mystery and just the right amount of humor to balance the grit. Naturally, I loved Murder at the Lodge and hope to have the opportunity to read many more novels featuring Inspector “Percy” Peach.


I received a copy of Murder at the Lodge from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review.



‘They’re respectable people, known to me personally...’

As the Masonic Lodge Ladies’ night draws to a close and the guests drift away, a man is found in the car park, garrotted at his steering wheel.

Moments later, the police are called out to attend the scene of a burglary. But nothing in the house seems to be stolen…

DI Percy Peach has always taken a special pleasure in taunting his superior, Superintendent Tucker, about the indiscretions of his fellow Masons.

And now with a dead body found at a Masonic function, the inspector has been given a free hand to dig up any amount of dirt about the secret order.

Blackmail and bribes run rife throughout.

Debts lead to threats and violence.

Infidelity leads to maddening jealousy.

And some feuds last a lifetime.

As the murder enquiry unfolds, Percy Peach and his colleagues find themselves unearthing the seedier side of East Lancashire’s elite.

With alibis contradicting one another and emotions running high, the Masonic lodge grows into a collection of suspects who each held a motive to pursue revenge…

Murder at the Lodge is a chilling mystery that will keep you guessing.

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