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Caturday Reads: Little Kids and Their Big Dogs is big fun

Little Kids and Their Big Dogs by Andy Seliverstoff Revodana Publishing Arts & Photography Pub Date 10 Jan 2017


Little Kids and Their Big Dogs is an absolutely charming photo collection that animal lovers and families will greatly enjoy. Each of the breathtaking action shots showcase the sheer joy that comes when children and dogs play together. These beautiful gentle giants are playmates, loving companions and protectors. It is easy to see the love they have for their young friends. The text that accompanies each set of pictures is wonderful. The children and dogs speak sweetly and gently with each other. There is love and respect. The dogs are noble, as well as generous of heart.

Seliverstoff’s photos are amazing. The photos eloquently capture the magnificence of these large exotic breeds as they joyfully run, leap and frolic with small children. I especially loved the wiry furred wolfhound and the puli with the long gorgeous dreadlocks.

Little Kids and Their Big Dogs is one of the most charming photo books I have come across. It would make a great gift for families with small children or animal lovers.


I received a copy of Little Kids and Their Big Dogs from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review.



From hugely popular photographer Andy Seliverstoff of St. Petersburg, Russia, comes this utterly charming collection of just what the titles says -- little kids and the big dogs they love. Through the prism of Seliverstoff's magic lens, impossibly big dogs (Great Danes, Saint Bernards, Leonbergers, Newfoundlands, Irish Wolfhounds, to name a few) and some rare ones (like Komondorok and Bracchi Italiani) telegraph the special relationships they have with the children in their lives. "In the end, I hope the photos convey this important message: Love for dogs and children makes people kinder," Seliverstoff says.

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