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Three Days Dead puts the demon in noir

The Damned V. 1 Color Edition

Three Days Dead

by Cullen Bunn

Diamond Book Distributors

Oni Press

Comics & Graphic Novels

Pub Date 08 Mar 2017


Three Days to Dead puts the demon in the "demon drink" days of prohibition. The Damned is a comic series where gangsters are as likely to be demons as humans, and souls are bought and sold as easily as back alley hooch (alcohol). It is a dangerous time and if you dance with the devil your life may be very short. The exception is Eddie. For him, death is not permanent. A gift, maybe, a curse, definitely.

The Damned volume 1 contains the complete Three Days Dead story arc. Eddie is revived in order to find out what happened to the demon in charge of finalizing the truce between Big Al's gang and a competing family. But something tells Eddie there is more at stake than the missing demon and the possibility of a gang war. Finding out what means Eddie must face his own demons, the most dangerous of the bunch.

The rich dark colors and the style of art fit the demon noir setting well. I liked Cullen Buns unique approach to the era and the complexity of his hero, Eddie. If you like fantasy as well as noir style mysteries, The Damned - Three Days Dead is a graphic novel that will definitely appeal to you.


The Damned is a series targeted to readers in their teens and older.

I received a copy of The Damned Volume 1- Three Days Dead from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review.



During prohibition, gangsters grew rich on our vices, and rivalries between criminal organizations resulted in open war. But unknown to the muasses, a more sinister power controlled the crime cartels, using greed, gluttony, lust and other sins to fuel a more lucrative trade: mortal souls. Enter Eddie, a mortal who lost his soul long ago. Caught in the middle of competing demonic families, any other human would've gotten the ax long ago. But Eddie's got a special talent that keeps him on his feet. One man's curse is another man's gift.

THE DAMNED is hard-boiled noir with demons, and the team behind THE SIXTH GUN is bringing it back with new colors, a new format, and a new ongoing tale of tommy guns and hellfire.

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