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Fast paced political crime thriller makes for a great graphic novel

Control by Andy Diggle, Angela Cruickshank Diamond Book Distributors Dynamite Entertainment Mystery & Thrillers, Comics & Graphic Novels Pub Date 21 Mar 2017


Control is an action filled thriller that leaps off the page so vividly that you can imagine you are seeing it at the cinema. Between the edgy story filled with politics, police conspiracies, sex and murder and the brilliant illustrations, Control has all that is needed for success.

Detective Sergeant Kate Burnham is good at her job, but doesn't have many friends in the DC police department. When a professional killer is interrupted and several officers are shot in the process, Kate’s decision to save 3 lives leads to her partner’s death. A text to a phone discovered at the scene leads to her discovering a prominent senator in a scandalous poisiton. Higher ups want her to stop investigating. What Burham finds is a web of wealthly and prominent individuals being blackmailed by a powerful media mogul. Those who don't toe the line are exposed. Even police officials are entangled. But Kate is not one to bow to pressure. The truth is too important even if it means losing her career.


Control is a gorgeously illustrated, fast paced political crime thriller that is a pleasure to read. Control is available for preorder and will be released March 21, 2017.

I received a copy of Control from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review.



Detective-Sergeant Kate Burnham isn't making any friends in the Washington, DC Police Department. That makes her the perfect scapegoat when a routine homicide investigation threatens to blow open a criminal conspiracy reaching to the upper echelons of the DC power elite. Either Kate makes it go away, or they make her go away. Cop or criminal, power is all about control, applied top-down from the penthouse elite to the hustlers on the street. But what happens when the street pushes back...? A political crime thriller from Andy Diggle, Angela Cruickshank, and Andrea Mutti!

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