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Caturday Reads: Grumpy Cat knits

Grumpy Cat's Knitting Nightmares

More Than 15 Miserable Projects for You and Your Friends

by Grumpy Cat

Dover Publications

Entertainment, Crafts & Hobbies

Pub Date 16 Nov 2016


Grumpy Cat - the beloved internet sensation knows that no cat lover can go without publicizing their adoration for their feline idols. Luckily for us humans, there is this new book full of projects for ourselves and our feline friends. If you can knit, this book is for you. Many of the projects are easy enough that even beginning knitters will be pleased with the results. The instructions are clearly written - a must for any craft book. Yarn suggestions are included as well.

Whether you are looking to create feline wearables for yourself or to make toys and accessories for your cats, Grumpy Cat’s Knitting Nightmares is a great selection.


I received a copy of Grumpy Cat’s Knitting Nightmares from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review.



Internet sensation Grumpy Cat reluctantly approves these feline-oriented knitting projects. Clear directions and well-illustrated patterns, accompanied by color photographs, explain how to make a fabulous assortment of sweaters, toys, and accessories for you and your favorite kitties. In addition to being wonderful handmade gifts, these projects are great keepers, too.

You can make a hat and scarf for a cat as well as one for a human companion, sweaters for children and adults graced by the cantankerous cat's face, a cat cowl, and a Grumpy plush. For around the house, there's a washcloth, pillow cover, and coffee sleeve. And for your feline friends, there are cute collars, toys, a cushy bed, and more.

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