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Beautifully Illustrated Gothic Fantasy Available Now in Collector's Edition

Bizenghast Collectors Edition V.1

by M. Alice LeGrow

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Comics & Graphic Novels

Pub Date 10 Jan 2017


Bizenghast is a beautifully illustrated gothic fantasy that has just the right blend of surreal fantasy and horror. Dahlia is a young woman haunted by ghosts and memories. Her visions disturb and confuse her. Her main comfort is her friend Vincent. Together they discover a strange graveyard where restless spirits dwell. Each night they are forced to return and do what is necessary to bring the souls peace - a dangerous task that means risking both life and sanity.

But to ignore the nightly summons means certain death. They travel through the dreams of the various spirits, and through them come to understand themselves.

Like a reader's nightly dreams, the puzzles faced by Dahlia and Vincent linger, at once troubling and somehow compelling. Le Grow's artistry is gorgeous, particularly the plates at the beginning of each chapter. If you enjoy gothic stories and the romantic illustrations of manga, you will love Tokyopop's Bizenghast.


I received a copy of Bizenghast Collector's Edition Volume 1 from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review.

-- Crittermom


When a young girl moves to the forgotten town of Bizenghast, she uncovers a terrifying collection of lost souls that leads her to the brink of insanity. One thing that becomes painfully clear: The residences of Bizenghast are just dying to come home. Marty Legrow has crafted an unforgettable Gothic drama that will leave readers haunted long after the last page is turned.

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