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Flash Point is a frighteningly realistic thriller

Flash Point

A Psychological Thriller

by Colby Marshall

Severn House

Mystery & Thrillers, General Fiction (Adult)

Pub Date 01 Oct 2016


Absolutely astonishing - Flash Point is a thriller that is frighteningly realistic. Colby Marshall captures both the emotional repercussions and the technical difficulties of investigating a terrorist group. Dr Jenna Ramey and her Behavioral Analysis Unit are called in when a band of masked assassins enters a Washington DC Bank, brutally slaying all but one of the individuals present. Nothing is stolen, no demands are made there is only a warning that more attacks are to come. Pressure on Jenna is immense. Between unraveling the few puzzling clues left by the killers and preventing Homeland Security from taking action that would create panic and allow the culprits too escape, Jenna has little time to deal with the dangerous machinations of her sociopathic mother.

The case is thrilling and complex. Colby Marshall keeps readers on their toes throughout. The literary puzzles added interest, and Grey made a unique addition to the team between her immense knowledge and her psychopathology. Marshall invests a great deal of time in creating characters who have well developed backgrounds. It makes them real- memorable and believable despite some of the characteristics being out of the ordinary. Jenna’s synesthesia is an unusual personal characteristic, but fits well with how she works.

Flash Point stands well on its own, but also manages to contribute to the ongoing plot lines originally established. Colby Marshall is a fabulous writer, and if you like investigative thrillers, you will be well served by the Dr Jenna Ramey BAU novels. Flash Point is a wonderful example that can be read on its own or within the context of the series. As an added bonus there is Oboe - a delightful dachshund whose antics never fail to bring a smile.


I received a copy of Flash Point from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review.



Dr Jenna Ramey's newest case is a nightmare on a whole new scale, and it will find her BAU team (Behavioural Analysis Unit, an FBI Department) running point for a type of investigation they're almost never brought into, much less asked to lead.

A band of ruthless assassins converges on a bank in Washington, D.C. They slaughter everyone inside and all escape without stealing a dime and leaving only a message for police warning that another attack is coming. The attackers are more than willing to communicate who they are and what they want. The problem is, they only do so through cryptic messages hidden in a labyrinth of classic literature references.

With the clock ticking down the hours and minutes until another bloodbath, Jenna and the rest of the BAU team have a challenge profiling not one or two, but a dozen individual killers. But even if she is able to save the day, two enemies from her past are lurking right in her blind spot, ready to take advantage of her current preoccupation . . .

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