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Caturday Reads: Debut White Cat Chronicle cute but unexceptional

Boy Meets Witch

The White Cat Chronicles, Book 1

by G.A. Rael

G.A. Rael

Romance, Sci Fi & Fantasy

Pub Date 17 Nov 2016


Cute but unexceptional, Boy Meets Witch is a fun but forgettable read. This novel definitely falls in the romantic fantasy category. It is not graphic, unlike many in the genre, so it should be fine for teens.

Harper Adams is a witch in hiding. Her father, an evangelical preacher, first used her as a faith healer, then kept her prisoner in the basement after a tragic fire cost many of his followers their lives and lost him his fortune. The rescue and healing of the cat (who unfortunately turns out to be one of the villains in the piece) puts her at odds with the town veterinarian (aka the love interest). Soon there is chemistry, but his atheism and her spirituality and abilities put the two at odds. Her abilities also stir up more than a little controversy in the town.

On the whole Boy Meets Witch is a decent story. It has its awkward moments, and Harper’s naivety feels overdone at times. One big question I was left with (spoiler, but not unexpected) was why Harper couldn’t continue seeing Darren after healing him. Why did his entire memory need to be erased? Of course that lets the whole relationship begin anew in the next installment and leaves her open for other potential love interests to bring in conflict. This is a romance series after all..but it is an obvious plot device.

Boy Meets Witch is an ok read, but the novel isn’t compelling enough for me to tell people to go out of their way to seek it out.


I received a copy of Boy Meets Witch from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review.



Harper Adams is a witch on the run--from her past as a faith healer turned accidental arsonist, and from the power she's kept locked away her whole life. She thinks she's finally found a place she can settle down and call home in the picturesque town of Cold Creek, Vermont, but a mysterious white cat who may or may not be bent on taking the curvaceous witch's soul has other plans. Harper's compassion gets the best of her and earns her an unwanted reputation as the town miracle worker as well as the ire of sexy veterinarian and militant atheist, Darren St. Clair.

Cold Creek's residents have a few supernatural secrets of their own, and Harper will have to face the destiny that led her to the last place a witch in hiding needs to be--that is, if Darren doesn't have her chased out of town with a pitchfork-wielding mob before she gets the chance.

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