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The Moth Catcher demonstrates exactly why Vera is such a popular detective

The Moth Catcher

A Vera Stanhope Mystery

by Ann Cleeves

St. Martin's Press

Minotaur Books

Mystery & Thrillers

Pub Date 04 Oct 2016


The Moth Catcher demonstrates exactly why DI Vera Stanhope is one of the most popular British detectives. Ordinarily she is the kind of person people overlook, large, older, but during an investigation Vera has such a compelling energy. The reader feels how much it means to her to unravel the complicated threads to find the singular truth. It is difficult to express Vera's vibrant almost frenetic approach. Vera has a perceptiveness and ability to get people to open up, even when she makes them ill at ease. Her determination to be hands on doesn't always sit well with her team, but it does make for an amazing read.

The Moth Catcher is wonderfully perplexing. After all, what could be the connection between the murder of a house sitter discovered by the side of the road and that of an unremarkable middle aged man in a grey suit killed the same day in the house being watched? Ann Cleeves weaves a complex tale of secrets, lies, and as the title says - moths.


I received a copy of The Moth Catcher from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review.



Life seems perfect in Valley Farm, a quiet community in Northumberland. Then a shocking discovery shatters the silence. The owners of a big country house have employed a house-sitter to look after the place while they’re away. But he is found dead by the side of the lane into the valley.

DI Vera Stanhope arrives on the scene with her detectives Holly and Joe. When they look round the attic of the big house, Vera finds the body of a second man.

As Vera is drawn into the claustrophobic world of this increasingly strange community, she realizes that there may be deadly secrets trapped here . . .

The Moth Catcher will be episode three of ITV’s Vera series 6, coming in 2016.

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