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Another chilling masterpiece by Dard


By Frederic Dard

Pushkin Vertigo

Mystery & Thrillers

Pub Date 10 June 2016


Once again Frederic D'ard is shown to be a master of psychological suspense. Crush is a tale of obsession, an initially innocent escape from everyday burdens that leads to murder. If you enjoy classic Hitchcock or film noir, Crush is a thriller you won't want to miss.

To Louise, whose life is spent divided between shifts at the local factory and sitting at home with a mother and alcoholic stepfather she despises, the Roolands epitomize culture and comfort. Their vibrancy and wealth are an appealing distraction to a young woman bored by her current situation. Entranced, Louise offers her services as a maid despite her family's objections.

After she becomes part of the household, Louise begins to see the flaws in the Roolands' relationship. She comes to know her employers and their ..quirks well. One night, an accident occurs, but was it an accident?

Crush is deliciously chilling, and like many of D'ard's stories has an unexpected twist that leaves readers speechless.

I absolutely loved Crush. It is a pleasure to see Pushkin Vertigo rereleasing the title in English for a modern audience to enjoy.


I received a copy of Crush from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.



Bored with her mundane factory job, her nagging mother and her alcoholic father-in-law, Louise is captivated by a glamorous American couple who move to her industrial hometown in Northern France. The Roolands' home is an island of colour, good humour and easy living in drab 1950s Léopoldville, and soon Louise is working there as a maid. But once she is under her new employers' roof their model life starts to fall apart - painful secrets from their past emerge, cracks in their relationship appear and a dark obsession begins to grow, which will end in murder...

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