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Caturday Reads: Cats and CEOs have a lot in common

Business Cat: Money, Power, Treats

by Tom Fonder

Andrews McMeel Publishing


Pub Date 27 Sep 2016


Business Cat walks the fine line between funny and disturbing, ultimately leaving readers a bit off balance. Why? Cats and billionaire CEOs have a lot in common. Both do exactly what they want when they want without worrying about the affect on their slaves (oops staff). Neither need to work, indeed, their “help” often causes more trouble than assistance. On the other hand what is cute about our cuddly furry felines is exactly what is disturbing about the powerful men who only care about how wealthy they are.

Business Cat is appealing because it is slyly subversive. It points out the extensive flaws of upper management while outwardly attributing it to Business Cat’s feline nature. Business Cat: Money, Power, Treats contains a nice variety of comics, covering the gamut of corporate issues. While seeing a CEO stuck in a tree or requiring that employees make the birds on youtube available to catch brings chuckles, it also reminds office workers of the distinct idiosyncrasies and the sometimes absurd demands of those in power.


I received a copy of Business Cat: Money, Power, Treats from the publisher and net in exchange for an honest review.



Boss. Billionaire. Business maverick. Cat.

The only big-business tycoon boasting his own private executive litter box and luxury mega cat condo, the dashing Business Cat misses meetings because he's stuck in trees, sends emails while napping on keyboards, and demands to be let out, then in, then out again.

This debut volume of the popular online comic The Adventures of Business Cat collects all the fan favorites plus a generous bonus of all-new material, for value-added experience and high employee satisfaction.

Cat lovers and office workers of the world: meet in the break room and unite!

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