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RE*PRO*DUCT fails to live up to hype

RE*PRO*DUCT Volume 1

by Austin Wilson

Diamond Book Distributors

Magnetic Press

Comics & Graphic Novels

Pub Date: 12 January 2016


I was intrigued by the description of RE*PRO*DUCT. Unfortunately the graphic novel itself was unappealing. First, I didn't care for the distorted illustrations. Along with the gratuitous cursing, it made the story feel unpleasant and disjointed. I expected a far more eloquent tale. Instead, RE*PRO*DUCT was more a jumble sale of ideas and possibilities, from robotic frat boys to robots as replacement for children. As a first volume RE*PRO*DUCT didn't have enough continuity or a strong enough plot to catch my interest and overcome my dislike of the art.


I received a copy of RE*PRO*DUCT from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review.



In the future, robots have been legally granted the right to life. Their intelligence is not artificial, and it may not be the best approximation of a personality. But they reflect all the intricacies of a human mind and personality, only from within a manufactured shell, developing and learning as the rest of us do. They mirror us in all the ways we would want, but also in those ways we would wish to exclude... In addition to the core storyline, this book includes several short interstitial tales that further explore the world of Re-Pro-Duct.

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