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Not your average superhero novel

The Conclave of Shadow

Missy Masters #2

by Alyc Helms

Angry Robot Books

Angry Robot

Sci Fi & Fantasy

Pub Date 05 Jul 2016


Some series can be read starting at any point - Alyc Helms' Dragons of Heaven series needs to be read from the very beginning, or you will have difficulty understanding the underlying mythos. The Conclave of Shadow is the second book in the series, so I highly recommend reading The Dragons of Heaven first.

The world of Missy Masters is filled with a fascinating blend of Eastern magic and technology. There are the Argent Aces who are superheroes who ostensibly work for the Argent corporation. Technology is their specialty, although they have their own occult practitioners. Missy Masters aka Mr Mystic has the ability to control shadow and enter the Shadow realm. Readers can expect to see both beings from Chinese mythology and those like of more familiar traditions.

Although Missy tries to remain uninvolved, she is drawn back in (In the guise of Mr Mystic) as the release of the spirit guardians of China means that the balance of power in Shadow is shifting. The Voidlands are overtaking Shadow and the destruction threatens the mortal realm Shadows are breaking through, stealing dangerous technology from Argent. To top everything off, one of the guardians released from bondage is hunting Missy, planning her death.

Even if superheroes don't normally appeal to you, Alyc Helms' Dragons of Heaven series has a lot to offer. Not only is the plot highly original, it is filled with fascinating characters. The Conclave of Shadow is heavy on action, so there are a lot of thrills in store for the reader. Just remember to read The Dragons of Heaven before you crack open The Conclave of Shadow.


I received a copy of The Conclave of Shadow from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review.



The second title in Alyc Helms' Dragons of Heaven series.

The line between enemy and ally is thinner than a shadow's edge.

Ever since she saved the spirit guardians of China by selling out to her worst enemy, Missy Masters -- a.k.a. the pulp hero Mr. Mystic -- has been laying low. But when knights serving the Conclave of Shadow steal secret technology from a museum exhibit on the Argent Aces, everyone looks to Mr. Mystic for help. If Missy doesn't want her masquerade blown, she'd better track down the thieves, and fast.

But stolen tech turns out to be the least of her problems. Recent events have upset the balance of power in the Shadow Realms, removing the barriers that once held the ravenous Voidlands in check. Their spread threatens destruction in the mortal realm as well... and only the Conclave stands ready to push them back.

In a world of shadow, telling friends from enemies is easier said than done. But if she wants to save San Francisco, Missy will have to decide who to trust. Including her own instincts, which tell her that something is stalking her with murder in mind...

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