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Whether you love or hate lawyers you will enjoy reading Bedlam & Belfry, Intergalactic Attorneys

Bedlam & Belfry, Intergalactic Attorneys at Law: The 1st Dozen by Glen Cadigan Rocketship Press Humor, Sci Fi & Fantasy Pub Date 11 Apr 2016 Review Everyone loves to hate lawyers. Somehow they always come across as smarmy tricksters more interested in making money than in justice. Bedlam and Belfry are the worst of the worst, or the best of the best if you consider the size of their pocketbooks and their courtroom successes. Had the stories in this anthology been written from their perspective, readers would boo and hiss - but - The stories are instead written from the perspective of their clients. The change of perspective gives the stories an almost gleeful absurdity where you both empathize with the client and gape in amazement at the bizarre twists of fate. While Bedlam and Belfry are as corrupt as they come, you cheer on their efforts. I absolutely adored the client in the second tale of the anthology - who can help but adore a talking dog, particularly when it is a dachshund. Yes a dachshund! Bedlam & Belfry, Intergalactic Attorneys at Law is a humorous treasure, delightfully absurd and immensely amusing. While it isn't for everyone, if you are looking for an unusual science fiction title or simply want to laugh rather than cringe at legal wrangling - this is the anthology for you. 5/5 I received a copy of Bedlam & Belfry, Intergalactic Attorneys at Law from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review. --Crittermom Description Better Call Saul meets Monty Python's Flying Circus. Have you ever needed a lawyer? If that's the case, then Bedlam & Belfry, Intergalactic Attorneys at Law are the ones for you! Bedlam & Belfry, Intergalactic Attorneys at Law: The 1st Dozen features the first twelve adventures of the morally challenged barristers as originally seen in Bedlam & Belfry, Intergalactic Attorneys at Law Vols. 1-4. Their opponents range from God above to the Devil himself, and their clients include the rich, the very rich, and the filthy rich! Stories include: Bedlam & Belfry Get Elected Bedlam & Belfry Go To Prison Bedlam & Belfry Beat The Odds and exactly nine more! Bedlam & Belfry are always open for business if the money is good, so if you're of a mind to become rich yourself, then with the proper lawsuit, they're your men!

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