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One part Bourne Identity one part Total Recall, The Eighth Day is a thrilling ride

The Eighth Day by Joseph John Obsidian Dawn Mystery & Thrillers, Sci Fi & Fantasy Pub Date 27 Mar 2016 Review Joseph John’s recipe for success: Take one part Bourne Identity (Ludlum), mix in a healthy dash of Total Recall (Phillip K Dick) and throw in a dash of The Sixth Day (an underrated but fun scifi flick). The Eighth Day is an explosive scifi thriller that captivates readers from beginning to end. It has everything scifi lovers could want - fast paced action, a lead who isn’t who he believes he is, cloning, and political conspiracy. While not wholly unique in origin, Joseph John’s novel is fresh and enjoyable, a remix every bit as delightful as the works it pays tribute to. Shawn Jaffe is an ordinary man. At least he believes himself to be until a stranger approaches him with a cryptic warning. New York is full of flakes, but Shawn is inclined to believe when the man is gunned down by men in suits. Confused and uncertain who to trust, Shawn attempts to question, but the powers in charge have other plans. If you like your science fiction fast paced and filled with action, The Eighth Day is a great choice. 4/5 I received a copy of The Eighth Day from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review. —Crittermom Description A warning from a stranger. "Nothing you know is real. Your name isn't Shawn Jaffe, you're not an investment broker, and you're not from Ohio." But the stranger is murdered before he can explain. Now Shawn isn't sure who he can trust. Even his own memories are suspect. Someone is watching him, controlling him, using him. To survive, he'll need to find out who and why. But the stakes are much higher than one man. Our humanity is on the line, and on the eighth day, it could be the beginning of the end.

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