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A definitive guide for migraine sufferers

Migraines: More than a Headache by Dr. Elizabeth Leroux Dundurn Non-fiction, Health Pub Date: 26 March 2016 Review As a long time sufferer of migraines, I was drawn to Dr. Leroux's Migraines: More than a Headache. Migraines can be treated with varying degrees of success, but treatment is more a matter of management than the provision of a cure. Furthermore, they are often misdiagnosed, confused with other types of headaches (that have a wide variety of causes), or even ignored as just being in the patient's mind. Despite the debilitating nature of migraines, they are frequently dismissed as unimportant, in part because far more women than men suffer from them. One thing I like about Dr. Leroux's book is how it explains the various types of headaches, their symptoms and origin. It has valuable references that can help point those suffering from other serious and less widely known headache types in the right direction for treatment. Where Migraines: More than a Headache excels is providing information on how to uncover personal triggers and make necessary lifestyle changes. I only wish there was more information about is medication types and how they work to prevent or relieve migraines. On the whole Migraines: More than a Headache is an excellent general guide perfect for patients and their families. 4/5 I received a copy of Migraines: More than a Headache from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review. --Crittermom Description A complete guide on how to treat and prevent migraines. Though often viewed as a “women’s ailment,” migraines affect nearly 15 percent of the world’s population. In addition to the effect migraines have on the sufferers’ quality of life, they also carry an economic cost, felt especially in the form of lost work time. But by recognizing the problem and taking necessary action, migraine sufferers today can take back control of their lives. This comprehensive, easy-to-read guide to migraine management answers all the most pressing questions of sufferers and those concerned for their health. Clinical neurologist Dr. Elizabeth Leroux explains what can predispose a person to experiencing migraines, what can trigger them, their phases, and the three recommended lines of treatment: lifestyle changes, crisis management, and preventative therapy. Emphasizing the need for good doctor-patient communication in a field where misunderstanding and frustration is too-often the norm, this book is as much a tool for health care professionals as it is for migraine sufferers and their families.

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