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A remote castle, a sunken plane, and murder

Murder at The Loch A traditional murder mystery set in 1950s Scotland by Eric Brown Severn House Mystery & Thrillers Pub Date: 15 June 2016 Review Murder at the Loch reminds readers why Manor house mysteries have always been a popular sub-genre of mysteries. This interesting mystery pits crime writer David Langham and his good friend Ralph Ryland, a private eye, against a possible killer. When their good friend and former commander, Major Cartwright, requests their assistance, the duo travel to the Scottish Highlands. It appears that someone may wish to kill Major Cartwright or the Dutch engineer assisting him in the recovery of a German airplane that crashed into the loch 10 years before. An eclectic assortment of guests are currently staying at the manor, but while any would have opportunity motives are difficult to discern. But their arrival does not prevent a murder from taking place, and a sudden winter storm isolates the manor. With the phones out of commission and snow blocking the roads, the Langham and Ryland must rely on their wits to discover a cold and calculating killer. It is easy to like Langham and his fiancé, as well as Ryland and the other characters who play a central role in this series. I look forward to reading other novels in which they play a greater role. Admittedly, Murder at the Loch is the first of Eric Brown's books that I have read, but I have high hopes that his other novels are just as good. With an engaging set of central characters, and an entertaining plot, Murder at the Loch is a perfect choice for anyone who enjoys a classic British mystery. 4/5 I received a copy of Murder at the Loch from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review. --Cittermom Description Crime writer sleuth Donald Langham is invited to a remote Scottish castle to solve an intriguing mystery. It’s the bitterly cold December of 1955, and Donald Langham has been asked by his friend, private detective Ralph Ryland, to assist him on a case. Ryland has been contacted by their old commanding officer, Major Cartwright, who has reasons to believe that his life is under threat at his remote castle in the Scottish Highlands. On arriving at the castle, Langham and Ryland learn that Major Cartwright is attempting to raise the wreck of a German fighter plane which crashed into the loch in 1945. But it’s not only the bad weather that has put a halt to the progress of the salvage. Soon after Langham’s arrival, one of Cartwright’s guests is brutally murdered – and the hunt is on to stop a ruthless killer before he – or she – strikes again

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