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Dreams can kill in this unusual mystery

The Dream Killer of Paris by Fabrice Bourland Gallic Books Mystery & Thrillers, General Fiction (Adult) Pub Date 13 Aug 2012 Review If you enjoy historical mysteries which incorporate the paranormal, you will like Bourland's Singleton and Trelawney series. Part of what I find appealing is the way the novel is framed. Bourland claims these manuscripts came from the long lost case files of the signature duo. Bourland implores the reader to suspend their disbelief and accept the possibility that the pair existed and encountered the supernatural. In the early 20th Century, spiritualism was greatly in vogue, with many prominent figures subscribing to its tenets. The Dream Killer of Paris is set within this time. In The Dream Killer of Paris, Andrew Singleton travels to Paris to unravel the mysterious death of a poet who allegedly committed suicide 70 years before. On his journey, he encounters a mysterious woman and a mirage. Swiftly he finds himself drawn into investigating a series of murders that all look like natural deaths. Oddly, all victims appear to have died of fright. The investigation leads Singleton and Trelawney to discover the power of dreams and the unusual beings that inhabit that world. Their success is essential if a great wrong is to be stopped. While I enjoyed The Dream Killer of Paris and found it highly imaginative, I didn't like it quite as much as The Baker Street Phantom. If you have not tried one of Bourland's novels, I suggest reading The Baker Street Phantom first. Regardless, The Dream Killer of Paris is a solid addition to this unusual mystery series. 4/5 I received a copy of The Dream Killer of Paris from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review. --Crittermom Description Enter the world of supernatural crime investigation - In the autumn of 1934 a channel crossing to France takes a paranormal turn for private detective, Andrew Singleton, when he sees an extraordinary mirage and has an encounter with a lady in white. On arrival in Paris he is quickly drawn into a very unusual murder investigation in which the victim appears to have died of fright in his sleep. Who caused this death and how? And could there be some connection to Singleton's experience on the channel? In a city alive with surrealism and metaphysical research, Singleton and his partner James Trelawney set off on the trail of a criminal mastermind, whose evil methods and motives will prove bizarre beyond their wildest imaginings.

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