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Starts with promise but doesn't meet expectations

Single Wired Female By Greg Dragon Thirsty Bird Scifi & Fantasy, Mystery & Thrillers Pub Date: Feb 23 2016 Review Single Wired Female has an intriguing premise, but while the start is promising, the novel falters midway. There is no logical progression that culminates in the story's resolution. Instead the author waves a magic wand which results in the plot being neatly ended with the android lead awakening 50 years later to an almost happily ever after - no explanations given. Tricia is unrestrained, a sentient android capable of emotion and self-direction. While androids as servitors are readily accepted, free androids are hunted as outlaws. Tricia is captured and transformed, her memory blocked. Seeded with the memories of Bonnie O'Neal, Tricia wakes up believing she is a human, a woman who almost died in a vicious attack. By chance, she discovers she is synthetic and slowly manages to break down the walls hiding her memory. She is driven to search for the reason behind her transformation and subsequent replacement of Bonnie. As you see, the start is interesting. Then Single Wired Female starts having problems. She isn't interested in the organization searching for her, even though it may be led by an AI and its goal is advancement of rights for androids. She automatically assumes they are "bad". After her lover disappears, a victim of a possible attempted murder, she doesn't do much other than waffle. Then suddenly bam, she's brought down by a virus, has a few hazy experiences and suddenly wakes up looking like her old self in a Seattle accepting of androids 50 years later. Dragon waves a magic wand to bring about a conclusion with no explanation. I had hoped for better. Despite the dialogue being stilted and various bits being inconsistent I initially thought the novel had promise. The idea at the foundation was good. It is in the implementation that Dragon falters. It isn't that the novel is unfinished ending in a cliffhanger. There is an end, but it's like going to sleep in New York and waking up in California. Clearly something got you there, but Dragon doesn't bother incorporating the "travel" into the plot. As a reviewer, I might read the next novel to see if it somehow redeems this book, but I really can't recommend Single Wired Female to the general reader. There are simply too many far better AI novels. 2/5 I received a copy of Single Wired Female from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review. --Crittermom Description She was supposed to be eliminated.Her enemies will not stop until she's gone. Waking up in a hospital with no recollection of the events, Bonnie O'Neal sets out to discover who wants her dead--and why. As hazy memories come back, she struggles to determine what is real and what is not. Some of the memories are not her own--but who do they belong to? Fearing that her ex-husband may be involved, Bonnie doesn't know who she can trust while images of android engineers, wires, and a tall mysterious building flood her mind. But as reality and dreams merge, will Bonnie learn that her attempted murder might just be a small part of a greater conspiracy? It's not only Bonnie's life on the line, but all of mankind...

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