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Maynard Sims continues to impress with Prime Evil

Prime Evil by Maynard Sims Joffe Books Mystery & Thrillers Pub Date: March 26, 2016 Review The 1950s marked a period of great change for British society as well as the British police force. The DCI Callum police procedurals wonderfully depict the changing culture and attitudes while giving the reader a thrilling mystery. Part of what makes these novels so enjoyable is that DCI Callum is not only a perceptive detective, he is also a man who cares a great deal about his family and his community. He isn't a simple two-dimensional caricature, and neither are the members of his team or the members of his family. In Prime Evil, an actor with ties to crime is brutally murdered. The further Callum and his team delve, the more complex the scenario becomes and the more difficult it is to untangle the pieces of the plot. Maynard Sims does a wonderful job of showing how detectives gathered evidence by bits and pieces without the help of detailed forensics. WPC Myra Banks plays an important role in Prime Evil. At the time, women police officers were few and far between, and only a handful made it into CID. I am glad Sims not only takes the time to make that clear to the reader, but shows how it affects the investigation. Prime Evil is not as dark as No Evil, but easily equally as good. Anyone who enjoys solid, well written police procedurals or television series like Midsommer Murders will enjoy Maynard Sims's novels. 5/5 Prime Evil is the second novel featuring DCI Callum. The books do not have to be read in order. I received a copy of Prime Evil from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review. -Crittermom

Here is a link to my review of No Evil, the first DCI Callum novel. Description A tortured body is found hanging from a tree DCI Jack Callum leads the investigation into this puzzling crime. The clues lead him tantalisingly close to the answer but without cracking the case. Why was the man killed? What were his links to London gangland bosses? When an unsolved murder is uncovered that seems to be connected, Jack must use his team to their full strength to separate the innocent from the guilty. Jack also faces a challenge he never expected as he is accused of an improper relationship with a colleague. You’ll love the period detail of this fast-paced mystery which reaches a sensational climax in the seedy streets of London.

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