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See the Living Crocodiles is an excellent spy thriller

See the Living Crocodiles By Conrad Voss Bark Endeavour Press Mystery & Thrillers Pub Date: March 24, 2016 Review With a hero as yummy as James Bond and an enthralling, fast paced plot, See the Living Crocodiles is an espionage thriller that shouldn't be passed by. Originally published in the late sixties, See the Living Crocodiles stands the test of time. It is a pleasure to see it made available to a new generation of readers. William Holmes is as intelligent as Q and as resourceful as Bond, but less inclined to bed down with every woman he comes across. (Don't be afraid to let younger fans of spy novels read See the Living Crocodiles.). When Ferris, Britain's scientific advisor on defense simply leaves his office and disappears, Whitehall fears the worst. Ferris's knowledge would be extremely valuable to the Russians. Holmes is tasked with finding Ferris. A handful of clues lead him to a small island off the coast of France. Though the reason for Ferris's disappearance is innocuous, his lack of practical sense enables Holmes's old enemy to make a dangerous move. Tirov the former Russian spy-master enjoys a freedom born of wealth. Money and business connections enable him to live as he pleases while avoiding prosecution by the laws of various countries. It is a warning of a sort. We see the same today as corporations buy lawmakers, dictate legislation, and sidestep the law. Industry has grown more powerful than nations. If you are searching for a spy thriller that is intelligent and fast-paced, See the Living Crocodiles is a fantastic choice. 5/5 I received a copy of See the Living Crocodiles from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review. --Crittermom Description ‘A spy thriller rare enough to deserve a small salute…very fast and zestful’ -The Financial Times Ferris, Britain’s chief scientific adviser on defence, has vanished without a trace from his Whitehall office and a scandal rears its ugly head as the news threatens to spill into the public domain. Personally appointed by the Prime Minister himself and thus rendering the country’s leader culpable for Ferris’ unreliability, the Government instantly implements a search mission. Holmes is put on the case and an erotic painting and a torn car-ferry ticket direct his investigation to the sandy Ile de Ré, off the French Atlantic coast. There he partners with an old colleague, the French Chief Inspector Didier who has travelled from Paris with his own theories as to Ferris’ disappearance. Wary of a wild goose chase, Holmes dedicates his time to establishing the nature of Ferris’ connection with the island and it is not long before questions are raised and strange happenings are noted. In the Ile de R é, he finds a nun who is more than she seems; honey-brown Martine with her arrogant body; Tirov the perverted master-spy; a summer carnival; and the enormous, unbelievable crocodiles. When one mystery is solved Holmes is thrown headlong into another… more dangerous than he could have ever imagined. It’s no longer just case of missing persons but a hot seat in the cold war… See The Living Crocodiles is a classic espionage crime novel from a master of the genre.

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