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Domestic violence leads to murder in Dark Crimes

Dark Crimes By Michael Hambling Joffe Books Mystery & Thrillers Pub Date: March 14, 2016 Review If I was a murder victim, I would want DCI Sophie Allen on the case. Not only is she intelligent and perceptive, DCI Allen is confident without being arrogant and strong without being embittered. An easy and able team leader, she doesn't take the easy out. Contrary to stereotype, DCI Allen has a loving, supportive marriage and a good relationship with her children. Her tenacity in investigating a young woman's murder leads to the discovery of more murders - the act of a ruthless and sociopathic killer. Domestic violence plays an integral role in Dark Crimes. It is a type of crime frequently ignored, despite the fact that violence often escalates. Abusers often alternate between being charming and solicitous and violent, apologizing while blaming their actions on the victim. Michael Hambling tackles this difficult topic with empathy and awareness. As the reader is in part aware of the killer, there is a great deal of dramatic tension. It is by no means a certainty that Allen and her team will discover his identity. Their opponent is experienced in dodging the police. Don't be misled, however the plot is far more complex and there are plenty of surprises in store for the reader. Dark Crimes is truly an exemplary police procedural with an intelligent and engaging lead. Dark Crimes is the first in a series of police procedurals featuring DCI Sophie Allen and her team. Having read Dark Crimes, I'm eager to read the next book in Hambling's series. 5/5 I received a copy of Dark Crimes from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review. -- Crittermom Description Introducing DCI Sophie Allen in an exciting new detective series that will have you gripped from start to heart-stopping finish "The plot is meticulously crafted, absorbing and the narrative flows effortlessly." Purbeck Gazette A young woman’s body is discovered on a deserted footpath in a Dorset seaside town late on a cold November night. She has been stabbed through the heart. It seems like a simple crime for DCI Sophie Allen and her team to solve. But not when the victim’s mother is found strangled the next morning. The case grows more complex as DCI Sophie Allen discovers that the victims had secret histories, involving violence and intimidation. There’s an obvious suspect but Detective Allen isn't convinced. Could someone else be lurking in the shadows, someone savagely violent, looking for a warped revenge? If you like Angela Marsons, Rachel Abbott, Colin Dexter, Ruth Rendell, or Mark Billingham you will be gripped by this exciting new crime fiction writer. DARK CRIMES is the first in a series of detective thrillers featuring DCI Sophie Allen, head of the newly formed Violent Crime Unit in Dorset. She is pushed to the limit in her first major case as the team's head. DCI Sophie Allen is Dorset’s acknowledged expert on murder and violent crime. She is 42 as the series starts, and lives with her husband and younger daughter in Wareham. Her elder daughter is studying in London. Sophie has a law degree and a master’s in criminal psychology. Her brilliant mind conceals some dark secrets from her past.

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