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The Seven Percent Solution is a good but not exceptional graphic version of Meyer's novel

The Seven Percent Solution by David Tipton, Scott Tipton Diamond Book Distributors Mystery & Thrillers, Graphic Novels Pub Date: March 22, 2016 Review The graphic novel version of Nicholas Meyer’s novel, The Seven Percent Solution is competently illustrated by David and Scott Tipton. The novel’s content lends itself well to the graphic format. In The Seven Percent Solution, Holmes faces his most fearsome opponent, his addiction to cocaine. Through the assistance of Sigmund Freud, Holmes conquers his addiction. Holmes and Watson are then drawn into a case where failure may mean the onset of war. While the illustrations are competently drawn, I felt the facial expressions were lacking. At times they seemed either ridiculously overdone or not suitable to the present emotion. It made it more difficult to identify with the characters. Conversely, the action sequences were extremely well done. While The Seven Percent Solution is not the best graphic novel I’ve read, it is an acceptable adaptation. 4/5 The Seven Percent Solution is available for preorder and will be released March 22, 2016. I received a copy of The Seven Percent Solution from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review. —Crittermom Description The best-selling Sherlock Holmes novel by writer/director Nicholas Meyer comes to comics! The real story behind Sherlock Holmes' final confrontation with Professor Moriarty is at long last revealed! Who is the real Moriarty? Why did Holmes disappear for so long? The game is afoot!

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