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A Familiar Tail is a bewitching debut

A Familiar Tail: A Witch's Cat Mystery by Delia James Berkley NAL Mystery & Thrillers Pub Date: February 2, 2016 Review It goes without saying that I love both cats and mysteries but that doesn't mean I love every mystery featuring cats. What I can say without a doubt is that Delia James's debut mystery A Familiar Tail is a simply marvelous cozy. I firmly believe that the Witch's Cat mystery series will quickly garner many fans - even those who aren't fascinated by mysterious four-legged charmers. The first line grabbed my attention - "I want to be really clear about a few things. I don't chase after stray cats, I don't break into houses, and I most definitely do not steal valuable antiques from dead people. At least, I didn't used to." Annabelle Amelia Blessingsound Britton comes to Portsmouth at the behest of her good friend Martine. What she finds is a cat, a murder, and a legacy, in that order. She also finds new friends and a place where she finally feels she belongs. While it isn't hard to guess the identity of the killer, it doesn't detract from the pleasure of reading A Familiar Tail. The novel is skillfully written with a wide variety of intriguing characters, both two-legged and four-legged. A Familiar Tail is an excellent cozy blending magic, mystery, and of course, animals - a winning combination in my book. 5/5 I received a copy of A Familiar Tail from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. --Crittermom Description Magic and meows meet in the first enchanting Witch’s Cat mystery! Unlucky-in-love artist Annabelle Britton decides that a visit to the seaside town of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, is the perfect way to get over her problems. But when she stumbles upon a smoky gray cat named Alastair, and follows him into a charming cottage, Annabelle finds herself in a whole spellbook full of trouble. Suddenly saddled with a witch's wand and a furry familiar, Annabelle soon meets a friendly group of women who use their spells, charms, and potions to keep the people of Portsmouth safe. But despite their gifts, the witches can’t prevent every wicked deed in town.... Soon, the mystery surrounding Alistair’s former owner, who died under unusual circumstances, grows when another local turns up dead. Armed with magic, friends, and the charmed cat who adopted her more than the other way around, Annabelle sets out to paw through the evidence and uncover a killer.


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