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Counterfeit Conspiracies fails to thrill

Counterfeit Conspiracies: A Bodies of Art Mystery #1

by Ritter Ames

Henery Press

Mystery & Thrillers

Pub Date: February 2, 2016


Counterfeit Conspiracies isn’t much of a mystery, and it is far from the thrilling adventure the novel is marketed as. While technically the writing wasn’t bad, I could not bring myself to have any feeling towards the characters. Simply put, the novel was - bland.

Laurel Beacham is supposed to be a leading expert in the recovery of stolen art. She jets around the world using her feminine wiles to take marks unaware. In Counterfeit Conspiracies, Laurel’s target is none other than a sword which may have belonged to King Arthur. When she stumbles across a few bodies and her ex-lover goes missing, Laurel is forced to pair up with a good looking competitor.

Laurel blithely goes from situation to situation and there isn’t much to the plot. There is next to no suspense. Even the stereotypical romance lacks flavor.


I received a copy of Counterfeit Conspiracies from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review



Laurel Beacham may have been born with a silver spoon in her mouth, but she has long since lost it digging herself out of trouble. Her father gambled and womanized his way through the family fortune before skiing off an Alp, leaving her with more tarnish than trust fund. Quick wits and connections have gained her a reputation as one of the world’s premier art recovery experts. The police may catch the thief, but she reclaims the missing masterpieces.

The latest assignment, however, may be her undoing. Using every ounce of luck and larceny she possesses, Laurel must locate a priceless art icon and rescue a co-worker (and ex-lover) from a master criminal, all the while matching wits with a charming new nemesis. Unfortunately, he seems to know where the bodies are buried—and she prefers hers isn’t next.


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