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Spies with magic, a chilling thought

The Witch Who Came in From the Cold: A Long Cold Winter

by Lindsay Smith, Max Gladstone, Cassandra Rose Clark, and Ian Tregillis

Serial Box

Sci Fi & Fantasy, Espionage

Pub Date: January 27, 2015


Cold war espionage plus magic - a definite winner when you throw in the writing talents of Max Gladstone, Lindsay Smith, and many others. I was intrigued by the premise. You have a cold war on a dual front, you have the CIA vs the KGB, and then you have the lines drawn between the mages that serve Ice and those that serve Flame. Spies wielding magic and effectively serving multiple masters - wow. I was hooked from the very beginning.

The format is interesting. Essentially, the books are released in episodic format, with each episode taking about 40 minutes to read. If you like the premier, you can subscribe to the serial for a fixed rate per episode. Episodes are released each week. It definitely has potential, particularly for readers who only have a limited amount of free time for reading.

After reading The Witch Who Came in from the Cold, I would recommend giving a try.


I received a copy of The Witch Who Came in From the Cold from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review.




Through a haze of cigarettes and vodka there lies a version Prague in the heart of the Cold War, where spies practice sorcery in their games of intrigue. While the political lines may be as clear as the Iron Curtain, the battles of magic seldom stay clean and the combating forces of Ice and Flame dance across boarders and loyalties. Tanya Morozova is a KGB officer and the latest in a long of Ice sorceresses; Gabe Pritchard is a CIA officer and reluctant Ice recruit. Enemies at one turn, but forced into alliances at the next, their relationship is as explosive as the Cold War itself.

Written by: Lindsay Smith, Max Gladstone, Ian Tregillis, Cassandra Rose Clarke, and Michael Swanwick (guest author).

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