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Even heroes need second chances

Second Chance City

By L A Kelley

Wild Rose Press

Sci Fi & Fantasy

Pub Date: August 2015


Comic books can be the death of you.

Police officer Nate Hammond led a well-ordered life until a chance meeting with a girl from his past drags him into an extraordinary adventure.

Writer Elizabeth Parish had a plan than never included Coldwater Bay, yet why was she possessed by the sudden urge to return to her hometown? Did it have something to do with that mysterious comic book or its equally secretive author? Or could the real reason be the boy she left years ago?

Sucked into a deadly comic book universe Nate and Libby find themselves in Second Chance City, home of the Refractor and a league of murderous adversaries. Can a knowledge of comic books, a half-hearted super-hero, misunderstood villains, science gone horribly awry, and an unusual flashlight help them find a way home or will their second chance at happily-ever-after only end in in death?


Sometimes life gives you an unexpected second chance at happiness. In this cute novel, Nate's second chance comes in the form of an interdimensional gateway that transports him and his childhood crush, Libby, to Second Chance City, the world depicted in the Refractor comics. Oddly enough, Second Chance City bears a strong resemblance to Coldwater Bay in both its buildings and residents- with one big difference. Superheroes and supervillians exist.

Second Chance City is a dangerous place, particularly for strangers. After foiling a robbery by a pair of supervillians, Nate and Libby are seen as mysterious new heroes. As supervillians exist, so too must Refractor and his allies, and they may know how to transport Nate and Libby home. The problem is that Refractor is missing. Can an ordinary cop and an aspiring artist/administrative assistant find a way to return home unscathed? Is this the second chance that Nate needs to build a closer relationship with Libby? Will their knowledge of the real world help save Second Chance City?

Second Chance City is a sweet, fun adventure with a dose of romance. Comic and sci fi tropes abound. The biggest threat to Nate and Libby comes from romantic angst. Although there are a few sexual references, there is nothing explicit or graphic. This short sci fi romance is a fun read, and the comic book references are sure to bring a smile. Happy endings are guaranteed.


I received a copy of Second Chance City from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review.


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