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Lights, Camera, Murder

Lights, Camera, Murder: A TV Pet Chef mystery

By Marie Celine

Severn House

Pub Date: January 1, 2016


Gourmet Pet Chef Kitty Karlyle must draw on more than her TV presenting skills when the producer of a new cooking show is found stabbed to death.

Pet chef Kitty serves gourmet meals to pampered canines, cats, birds, snakes (ugh), Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs and most any other pet belonging to her wealthy and quirky L.A. clientele. This is a town where pets have their own psychologists, psychics and masseuses, so why shouldn’t they have their own chefs, right?

Kitty finds herself somewhat reluctantly hosting a new cooking show called ‘The Pampered Pet’ on CuisineTV. While shooting the pilot, the show’s producer is found in her office with a knife in her back – one of Kitty’s knives, to be exact. The list of suspects is long and time is short. If Kitty can’t find the killer soon, her own goose might be cooked . . .


Get comfortable with your favorite four legged friend and settle in with Lights, Camera, Murder - a delectable mystery accompanied by recipes certain to make tails wag.

Gourmet Pet Chef Kitty Karlyle is used to satisfying hungry pets, but tv producers are a more finicky crowd. When Kitty discovers the producer, Gretchen, dead after filming the pilot to her new show 'The Pampered Pet', she is first on the suspect list. After all, it is her knife in Gretchen's back. But nothing is worse than seeing her boyfriend's beautiful new boss threatening to arrest her.

Kitty decides that she is going to find the killer first, and starts her own investigation aided by her new friend Fran, the flamboyant hair stylist for Cuisine TV. More Laverne and Shirley than Cagney and Lacey, the duo careen about asking questions, making accusations, and stepping on more than a few toes. Of course even a misfire occasionally hits the target, and Kitty and Fran catch the eye of a killer.

Filled with humor and an engaging plot, Lights, Camera, Murder is a fun cozy that mystery and animal lovers alike will enjoy.

I look forward to the next TV Pet Chef mystery.


Lights, Camera, Murder is available for preorder and will be released January 1, 2015.

I received a copy of Lights, Camera, Murder from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review.


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