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Thinning the Herd is quirky paranormal fun

Thinning the Herd

by Adrian Phoenix

Simon & Schuster

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Pub Date: January 4, 2016


From the New York Times bestselling author of A Rush of Wings and The Maker’s Song series, a humorous, action-packed urban fantasy about a werewolf pack and an animal control officer in way over his head! Someone is picking off fortune tellers and hippies in Oregon, snatching them out of their Birkenstocks mid-stride. And when the legend himself, Hal Rupert, Animal Control Officer, gets a whiff of the mystery, he knows he’s the man to solve it. In between proudly wrangling out-of-control cats and dogs, he’s noticed a peculiar uptick in another sort of animal…werewolves. Hal infiltrates the country fair to investigate the disappearance of the flower children. But his real priority is protecting the love of his life, Desdemona Cohen, whose long purple tresses and black-glossed lips captured his heart the moment he first saw her standing behind the register at Hot Topic. Desdemona may have nicknamed Hal “Creep,” but he’s determined to win her heart. And, you know, save everyone else, too.


Thinning the Herd is not your average urban fantasy novel. It is a wild, laugh-a-minute ride that pokes fun at all of your favorite fantasy adventure stereotypes. I can easily imagine the novel being made into a movie – a B movie of course.

Hal Rupert, Animal Control Officer is the Hero, yes with hero with a capital H. Skillfully wielding his catch-pole, he protects the citizens of his town from things that go bump in the night. That includes werewolves drunk on ducks and other more nebulous threats. He maintains the balance between humans and weres/yokai. The people who ride the same bus may pretend not to know who he is (they don't) but they know he is their Hero tried and true (they don't).

Hippies and fortune tellers are disappearing, and the only clue is a single, bloody birkenstock. Something is taking them, and the upcoming county fair is a tempting target. Hal infiltrates the fair both to protect residents and his Goth-clad beloved Desdemona.

Soon however, Hal realizes he is facing his biggest challenge ever, and he will need more backing him up than his trusty catch-pole.

Thinning the Herd is a fun parody, perfect for fans of horror/comedy or urban fantasy. Be prepared to laugh and occasionally groan while reading this outrageous novel.


Thinning the Herd is available for preorder and will be released January 4, 2016.

I received a copy of Thinning the Herd from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review.


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