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Chats with Cats is a treasure cat lovers will enjoy

Chats With Cats: How To Read Your Cat's Mind

by Celia Haddon

Endeavour Press

Nonfiction (Adult)

Pub Date Oct 30, 2015


The cat-human relationship sometimes works better than marriage. Love spans the great divide between us, linking two different species in a loving relationship.

Cats understand humans – enough at least to satisfy their needs. A cat can lead you to the fridge, persuade you to change the brand of cat food, wake you up in the morning to make sure its breakfast isn’t late, and share your bed in cold nights. It may even know how to move you off the most comfortable chair.

Cats are experts at twisting us around their little paws.

But do you understand your cat? Probably not as well as it understands you.

Cats are actually communicating to us all the time. With paws, tails, meows, whiskers and body postures, they have a vast and complex language that allows them to express their feelings quite clearly.

This book will help you chat to your cat – in a language it understands.

It will explain the cat’s basic instincts, the way it talks and what it means; how, what and when it learns. It will outline what a cat needs to have a happy home, and some of the common misunderstandings in the cat-human relationship to help you make your cat happy.

It will outline some of the special needs of pedigree cats and of cats kept indoors. And finally, it will help you pamper your elderly cat.

The happiness of your cat really matters, and it is very easy to put your cat at ease.

With tips on litter training, combating aggression, kitten-rearing and making your home cat-friendly this book is an essential guide if you are thinking of adding a feline friend to your family.

Celia Haddon spent 20 years as the Daily Telegraph pets columnist and pet agony aunt. She gained a first class honours degree in applied animal behaviour in 2010. Celia answers cat care questions in Your Cat magazine and can be found on David the Dogman’s programme on Talk Radio Europe – most Saturdays at 10.00am CET. She works as a cat behaviour counsellor in the Oxfordshire area and runs the website .


Chats with Cats: How to Read Your Cat's Mind appears fanciful if you only view the title. In reality, it is a primer designed to help cat owners develop a strong relationship with their beloved pets. It is easy to forget that our snuggly, lazy companions are in reality hunters that need to have certain natural desires fulfilled. This doesn't mean our feline friends need to hunt mice, rather it is important for us to incorporate interactive play that stimulates the mind and body.

Celia Haddon takes time to explain how cats communicate with us and each other, and which signals indicate anxiety or distress. She explains signals humans often misinterpret, and indicates when a vet visit may be in order.

One part of the book that is particularly helpful to individuals looking for a new pet is the listing of hereditary disorders that afflict different breeds. Haddon also provides suggestions on how to pick a good breeder, and how to know which breeders to avoid.

Another valuable aspect of Chats with Cats is the section devoted to solutions for common behavioral issues.

Celia Haddon's book is an insightful treasury of cat information and lore. Her practical, down-to-earth advice, is just what cat owners need. Both experienced cat lovers and new cat owners can benefit from her knowledge.

Chats with Cats: How to Read Your Cat's Mind is an excellent book, and deserves a privileged place on any cat lover's bookshelf.


I received a copy of Chats with Cats: How to Read Your Cat's Mind from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review.


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