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MMO with the 11th Doctor

Doctor Who: System Wipe

By Oli Smith

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Pub Date: November 19, 2015


The Eleventh Doctor finds himself trapped in the virtual world of Parallife. As he tries to save the inhabitants from being destroyed by a deadly virus, Amy and Rory must fight to keep the Doctor's body in the real world safe from the mysterious entity known as Legacy.


Doctor Who: System Wipe is an adventure targeted to younger fans of the series. The novel has less tension, and is designed not to scare young readers.

In System Wipe, the 11th Doctor, Amy, and Rory arrive on a devastated, uninhabited Earth. When the Doctor finds a power source, he connects to a virtual world - Parallife. Once it was an immensely popular online game. Now, with the players gone, the characters left behind have a life and sentience of their own. But something is destroying Parallife, erasing land and characters with increasing velocity. While the Doctor struggles to save the inhabitants of Parallife, Amy and Rory struggle to protect the living body of the Doctor.

It was fun to see online gaming incorporated into a Doctor Who adventure. It is interesting to consider what could become of online characters directing themselves. I think that this will appeal to younger fans of the series. While Doctor Who: System Wipe isn't the most complex novel, it is a fun, fast, age appropriate read.


Doctor Who: System Wipe is available for preorder and will be released November 19, 2015

I received a copy of Doctor Who: System Wipe from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review.


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