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Antiques and mystery combine with a uniquely British flair

Guilty as Sin: A Lina Townend Antiques Mystery by Judith Cutler

Severn House

Pub Date: December 1, 2015 Description

The latest intriguing mystery featuring feisty antiques dealer Lina Townend.It’s a busy weekend for Lina: she wins a dance competition, annoys a valuable client and has to play gooseberry when Griff, her business partner, meets an old flame. Killing time, she drives across Dartmoor, only to find two men robbing a medieval church. Outraged, she manages to stop them – only to discover that it’s not just in Devon that they are working.Safely back in Kent, she makes some new friends. One, a frail and confused pensioner, may have been the victim of a heartless crime. Another is a bright young woman eager to hear all about Lina’s life. But suddenly Lina realises that she may have made new enemies too – or maybe just stirred up some very dangerous old ones. Review Guilty as Sin is a fantastic read that lovers of British mystery will eagerly devour. Tripping the light fantastic with pensioners is no way to meet eligible young men, but Lina enjoys the exercise and spending time with her adopted father and business partner, Griff. On a weekend getaway combining a dance competition and an antiques show, Lina spots a valuable Japanese netsuke for sale – one described by Griff as belonging to an elderly friend he takes communion to. Then, when she decides to tour a medieval church nearby, she interrupts a set of thieves. On top of everything, the wealthy – and very married – seller and collector of antiques, who has been pursuing Lina causes an embarrassing scene at the dance competition and breaks a priceless vase. Through Griff, Lina becomes friends with Dodie, an elderly woman living a lonely existence. Much to Lina and Griff's dismay, someone has been systematically stealing and selling Dodie's belongings. Lina makes it her mission to improve Dodie's life and discover who has been stealing from her. Meanwhile more churches are being robbed, and Lina has been threatened and attacked. Her forger father is up to something, but he claims it is legit but he can't tell her anything just yet. Lina is a wonderful character. Although she had a difficult early life, she is honest and compassionate. She doesn't make friends her age easily, but she is caring and considerate to those she does befriend. Doing the right thing is very important to her, whether it be in her relationships or in the pieces of china she restores for collectors. I really enjoyed this character driven mystery. I loved Lina, Griff, her father, and those close to her. This was the first Lina Townend mystery I have read, and I eagerly look forward to reading more books by Judith Cutler. 5/5 Guilty as Sin is available for preorder and will be released December 1, 2015. I received a copy of Guilty as Sin from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review. –Crittermom

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