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A Classic Gothic with a Surprising Twist

Greythorne by L M Merrington Pub Date: October 8, 2015


How did Lucy Greythorne die?

From the moment Nell Featherstone arrives at Greythorne Manor as a governess to eight-year-old Sophie, she finds herself haunted by the fate of the mistress of the house, and entranced by the child's father, the enigmatic Professor Nathaniel Greythorne.

When a violent storm reveals Lucy's body is not in her grave, Nell becomes suspicious about the Professor's research. But what she discovers in his laboratory will turn all her ideas about life and death, morality and creation on their head.

Enthralled by a man walking a fine line between passion and madness, Nell must make an impossible choice between life, death, and life after death, where any mistake could be her last.

Perfect for fans of Daphne DuMaurier, Susan Hill and Kate Mosse.


Greythorne is a classic gothic tale with a surprising twist.

Nell Featherstone is an educated young woman, but without means. She jumps at the opportunity to work at Greystone Manor as governess. At her arrival, the village folk warn her of the strange and sinister goings on at the manor. Since the death of its mistress, Greythorne Manor has been a cold and empty place. Accessible only by boat, its only residents are the mercurial and enigmatic Professor Greythorne, his daughter Sophie, and his assistant.

At first, she finds the handsome professor charming. But he is secretive as to the nature of his experiments, and Nell begins to have doubts. Neither she nor her ward are allowed to leave the island, and Sophie complains of nightly terrors. When Nell discovers that Lucy Greythorne's body is not in her grave, she realizes that nothing is as it seems.

Greythorne is well-written, full of the unique flavor that characterizes gothics. It has a unique twist, evocative of authors such as Mary Shelley. I especially enjoyed the ending.


I received a copy of Greythorne from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review.


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